Into the Unknown - Erste Nachricht

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+++INCOMING TRANSMISSION—security class theta+++

Thought for the day: “Adore the immortal God-Emperor; for He is our salvation”

Subjects of Lord Helmawr heed now the voice of Necromunda!

++An undisclosed accident in sector 7G-6//4 has been reported. Lord Helmawr thanks the newly deceased for their service to the Emperor.

++Be advised that the unauthorized entry of areas within sector 7G-6//4 (all levels) is punishable under the jurisdiction of the Guilds responsible. The seizure of goods, materials, foodstuffs and/or human capital will not be tolerated!

++Be advised that information pertaining to the existence of cult activity, unsanctioned psyker(s) and heretical thought must be reported! Failure to do so is a crime punishable by the Emperors peacekeepers!

++Mandatory prayer services to the Immortal God Emperor will continue at the begin and closure of work cycles. May His gaze be upon us this day.



“That’s a goddam invitation to loot if I ever heard one,” said the bald man as he cleaned a pistol at the light of a single tallow candle. “We make for that bulkhead yonder in a fortnight. The boss said it’s part of the plan.”

“The plan, eh? ‘Spose he’ll want us to break through with whatever we can find” a second figure murmured from the darkness. “We barely have guns enough to keep those other sonsabitches from our door.”

A third man, hooded and carrying a torch entered the room, and more men were revealed behind him.

“There will be much loot, brother Isaak, yes. But most of all His Sons will rise. The Architect will rise.”