Gang Showcase - Cabal of the Rising Star

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+++INCOMING TRANSMISSION security designation sigma+++

Thought for the Day: “The ends always justifies the means”

In the name of the honorable Noble House Helmawr, Lords of Necromunda Primus, the Adeptus Arbites and Regents of the Immortal God Emperor of Mankind: 

My lords,

For the crimes of Witchcraft, ((position redacted)), heretices diverses, sedition, conspiracy, murder, kidnapping and terrorism are the below pictured subjects herewith declared Excommunicate Hereticus and are to be terminated on sight. Enforcer squads, sanctioned mercenaries and lesser houses are advised to approach with extreme caution.

+++Pict-capture position 3425-[6]+++ “Cabal of the Rising Star”

+++Pict-capture position 3425-[7]+++ Suspected Helot Cult graffiti 

Gang Roster for the Cabal of the Rising Star:

+++End Transmission+++